Okaw Valley School District

Okaw Valley School District , 5 months ago

Date: January 28, 2019 Dear Parents and Guardians, School will be closed Wednesday - January 30th 2019, & Thursday - January 31st 2019 due to the predicted wind chill warning. We believe there are too many variables at this time to wait for the night/day of to make a decision. This allows parents and guardians the opportunity to make arrangements for child care. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Thanks, Kent Stauder

Okaw Valley School District

Okaw Valley School District , 11 months ago

We are now live on the new website. And we are mobile!

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Maker Day

Students at the Middle School took part in a Maker Day during their math classes on Friday. Students had a chance to build with KEVA planks, test out their robot driving skills with a LEGO EV3...


Upcoming Dates @ OVMS - IAR testing- March 25-29 - 7th grade business trip - March 27 - 8th grade Career Day - April 5 - Champaign Elevate - 5th&6th - April 10 ...

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