Registration Information

2019 - 2020 Registration Dates

Thursday, August 1st from 11:00-7:00 at the high school in Bethany
Friday, August 2nd from 11:00-4:00 at the OVMS Media Center in Findlay.

Online registration is open for 2019-2020

Register online

Once again Okaw Valley School District is offering online registration for the 2019 - 2020 school year and again using the safe and secure JetPay (IL ePay) service offered through the Illinois State Treasury.
We believe that we can offer a user-friendly, time-effective and more streamlined process to register your children for school. Instead of standing in long lines and taking time off from work during registration days we encourage you to take advantage of this feature and register online any time after July 15th.

It is important if you register online, to complete forms online, save, and then email to the building your child will attend. If you are re-enrolling complete by completing name, student, email address and then only the information that has changed from the previous school year. You may also print the appropriate forms for your child and either mail or take to the building your child will be attending. This step needs to happen as soon as possible after registering online.

Although all the forms are important the demographic sheet may be the most important. From this information we register your child in Chalkable (formerly STI) which become his/her permanent records. Accuracy is very important.

Please follow the steps below to complete this process:

1. Check each child's existing Chalkable (STI) information using the demographic sheets that were part of the registration packet that was sent home near the end of school.

2. If any demographic information has changed please complete the demographic form listed below in FORMS and make necessary changes. It is very important supply the county you live in and email address.

3. Go to the JetPay (IL ePay) by using the link below or clicking Explore on any page and choose JetPay.

4. Select the building your child will attend. You may enter multiple children for the same building.

5. Enter the information needed, select the additional fees (High School and Middle School will need to know the classes your are enrolled and planned participation of extra-curricular activities) and finish the process by following the prompts.

6. Repeat for each student

If you anticipate qualifying for free or reduced lunches you must register in person.

2019 -2020 Fee Schedule 

All Fees Must Be Paid At Registration

2019 - 2020 Fees

Registration Forms

The following forms must be completed and signed by the appropriate signees. The forms must be submitted to the building your child is enrolling by email, traditional mail, bring to established registration times or bring to the appropriate building during normal business hours after August 1st.

Procedures for completing forms: You must have the latest Acrobat Reader DC. There is a link below. Open the form you wish to complete,download and save pdf to your desktop. Open it by double clicking on it, Acrobat Reader DC should open your document. Fill out the form and save document to your desktop. I would suggest to put you child's name in the filename. Email document to the building your child will be attending. Lunch program applications should be sent to Unit Office. Use JetPay (IL ePay) link below to pay for you registration. Thank you for using our online registration service.

Building addresses are:

Unit Office: keownc@okawvalley.org
ES Office: ovesoffice@okawvalley.org
MS Office: ovmsoffice@okawvalley.org
HS Office: ovhsoffice@okawvalley.org

Elementary School

Middle School

High School


Important Links

JetPay (IL ePay)

Markel School Insurance

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